Aktuelles Statement der Refugees und Vereinbarung Oranienplatz

Am heutigen Abend haben Refugees die Vereinbarung vom Oranienplatz verlesen und anschließend eine Erklärung zu der Aufkündigung dieses Papiers von Seiten des Senats aus. Hier der vollständige Text auf englisch:

Demand of the refugees from the roof for fair and democratic case-by-case examination of their cases

As of now, not one of the submitted cases within the Agreement proceedings has been granted a humanitarian residence permit in Germany. Therefore, none of the known cases, previously rejected by the alien registration office, has a legal status. The alien registration office dismissed the cases flat in summary proceedings. There was no consideration of individual cicumstances such as illness, integration efforts, vocational training, etc. Requests for postponement for thorough preparations with their consultants were simply rejected. The redistribution of cases from other states, as part of the agreement, has never been implemented, contrary to Ms. Kolat’s personal promise. The state of Berlin still denies jurisdiction, though it was a known fact that people of the agreement already applied for asylum in other states. Senator Kolat assured that each case would be considered favorably. However, contrary to all those promises, none of this happened: No redistribution of the cases from other States, no permit of residence, and no stop of deportation.

You, Ms Kolat, have shamelessly betrayed us.

We demand a new, fair and democratic case-by-case examination of the cases by the refugees who trustfully participated in the Oranienplatz Agreement.


The refugees who are on the rooftop at Gürtelstraße 39 are former residents of Oranienplatz and part of the Agreement in April between them and the Senate of Berlin after personal negotiations with Senator Kolat.

Most of the refugees were informed only verbally on Monday that on Tuesday many of them would be kicked out of the houses without any means into homelessness. The Senate has acted here in utter arbitrariness, inhumane and illegal. The residence law procedures have not been fully examined under all legal options.

The men of the roof:
„In our view, the proceedings have not been adequately examined.
We demand currently access to food and drink, access to medication and electricity, and water.
We urge representatives of the social administration, the commissioner for integration, the immigration office, and Senator Kolat for negotiations.
For this we need secure access to our lawyers.
We generally demand the re-examination of the process. We demand the transfer of the cases from other regions to Berlin, as promised in the agreement.
We call for during this processes, as provides by law, basic care, including accommodation and medical care that has been illegally denied completely during the time after the agreement.
We urge all media to report and not look away.
We are desperate and angry!!!“


Scan des Dokumentes / Vereinbarung mit Kolat (Seite 1) / Aktuelles Statement (Seite2)


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